A Funny Thing Happened

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A funny thing happened on the way to getting the job done. Yes, “on the way to getting the job done”.  Let me explain.

It was just like any other day. After 5pm I normally continue my work day with planning and scheduling for APM (Adrianna Philece Music) and other business and ministry endeavors.  I have a list of things that need to get done by a certain date to ensure that everything does in fact get done.  I thank God the Holy Spirit who is well versed in all things. I am not one who is inclined to administrative duties, but He taught me the “how to” on administration and now it is no longer a daunting part of work. It is simply a means to an end.  Do the admin. Get the results.

Any hoo, before starting to work on my list I normally have a moment of prayer.  When I say “a moment” it can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more!  The point is that I want to be connect with my Savior before beginning the next part of my day. I find that if I don’t “tap in” to His Presence I am a mess.  I don’t like the messy version of me, so I try to stay as connected as possible.  Believe you me, a “connected” me is a better me!

During this prayer time I usually start off praying in other tongues.  It is the best way for me to focus my mind and quiet my soul.  It sometimes leads me to worship and praise, but often times I am pressing in with my spirit until I feel Him “walk into the room”. When that happens I have “touched heaven” and have direction for the next part of my day.

However, something was particularly different about this day.  I was experiencing thoughts of accusation and weariness, so as usual, I tried to pray and “press in” until the breakthrough occurred. That was not working the same way it had in the past.  This made me want to press even further. I was pressing to get to the place of breakthrough so I could continue on with what I needed to get done before the sunset.

I was thinking about all the things I needed to get done: venues, dates, flyers, manuscripts, bank deposits, mani-pedi (yes they go on my work to do list!).  I was thinking about all these things.  You see I wanted to press through in prayer so that I could accomplish my assignment for the day.  I was very clear on my mission. God had laid out what He wanted me to do.  I heard Him clearly and if you know me I am like a pit bull or a bull dog once I have a mission in front of me.  There is something in me that shouts,no exclaims, “Get out of my way.  I got stuff to do and things to accomplish!”

But this time God was tugging! The thoughts of accusation, the cloud of darkness and the weariness that was pressing into my little God-sanctuary bubble that I had so carefully built up, was an indication of something He was about to reveal.  As I sat praying in the spirit, I felt: “This isn’t it.  I am not hitting it.”  Sitting in confusion I wondered what to do.   And suddenly, just like that Abba broke in and simply said “Just sit with Me…” I was literally silenced and floored all at once.  Talk about being swept off your feet in a moment.  I could hear Him in a gentle voice say “Just sit with Me.” In that very moment I got it – well almost anyway.  He was saying, “You are always doing.  I just want you to be…I just want you to exist in Me…The lists can wait.  The flyers can wait. Just be with Me.”

When He spoke, I stopped.  As hard as it was to quiet my mind, put away my list of things that were His assignments to me, and shut off everything, I did it.  I just sat.  When I heard His words I immediately remembered my favorite song from 2007 “A Little Longer” by Jenn Johnson.  As I sat, I just played this in the background.  I reminded myself of the days when I just sat.

The sitting was harder and more uncomfortable this time than at other times, but it was necessary.  Eventually the quiet happened and then eventually this blog happened to capture it all.

I found some pockets of solace during that time.  It was funny I even almost fell asleep, but somehow I knew that He would have enjoyed watching me sleep as much as He enjoyed watching me just sit with Him.  That is Love. God was saying to me “rest”. I had gotten so busy with the assignments that I had forgotten to just rest.

So what was the funny thing that happened on the way to getting the job done?  Rest.  God was not in need of my works.  He was in desire of me.  There is a love that is so gentle and sweet yet is stronger than death, jealous and demanding as the grave. His love for me was exhibited in this situation.  He was less concerned about what I could do and more concerned about what I needed to do.  He just wanted to be with me.  Not for my earth-shaking prayers.  Not for my good deeds. Not for my perfection, but just or me.  With me, for me.

That is what you call a God-sized romance.

In the midst of getting the job done, just remember to be.  It could be the very thing you need to quiet the noise in your heart and mind.  It will actually strengthen you to get the job He set before you completed.

Just rest.

With Love,

Adrianna Philece

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